I use a lot of acronyms and unusual terms; here are definitions for them based entirely on my very subjective experience which almost certainly may not match yours. I’ll try to be accurate but failing that I’ll try to be consistent.

If you feel a term is defined poorly (or outright wrong), or I have used an acronym or term that isn’t on this list that should be, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

  • CDD – Christian Domestic Discipline. DD with biblical justifications for traditional, monogamous, male-led, marriage incorporating corporal punishment. Strong themes of honor, monogamy, and chastity. In my experience these folks are caring and charitable but have strong opinions about judgment and the concept of sin. They’re good fun on their own but do not always play well with other dynamics, especially sex-positive ones.
  • D/s – Dominant/submissive. I’m posting this acronym so I have a place to say that I’m not going to post obvious acronyms. Besides this one, I mean.
  • DSL  – Dominant/submissive lite. Same great taste as D/s, but less filling.
  • DSLR – A very expensive camera.
  • DD – Domestic Discipline – A dynamic that focuses primarily on the TiH and incorporates corporal and other punishments to resolve power struggles in an LTR. Strong themes of traditional, monogamous marriage but with a fascinating and vocal minority of FLR. Sometimes oversimplified as “wife spanking”. Practitioners typically consider themselves distinct and separate from BDSM and D/s; they often treat sexuality and D/s as a racy, slightly shameful, little secret. DD tends to focus on making permanent corrections to behavior; as such they typically view bratting as a defect in the sub’s attitude rather than a playful relationship component. Notable for being an effective conflict management tool when the sub is not submissive at all but rather is as headstrong and determined as the HoH.
  • FLR – Female-Led Relationship. A DD or D/s relationship in which the woman is the Top and the man is the Bottom.
  • HoH – Head of Household. The Top in a DD relationship.
  • LTR – Long-Term Relationship or Lifetime Relationship
  • M/s – Master/slave. Remember when I lied about not posting obvious acronyms? Remember when you believed me, LOL?
  • Q/¢ – Quartermaster/common sense. (sense = cents, get it?) D/s TPE relationship in which the Top is MisterMan and the Bottom is Beth2Anybody. (Inside joke from The SafeworD/s Club; abbreviation I used to label my relationship after it was suggested that I just pick a random pair of letters and put a slash between them. Not a real dynamic. As far as you know….)
  • TiH – Taken in Hand. The Bottom in a DD relationship. (Note: Taken in Hand is also a term for a subtype of DD that is exclusively for traditional marriage and in which the wife does not wish to be submissive but does want to be regularly conquered and tamed.)