Welcome to a collection of musings from a Dominant in a D/s LTR (long-term relationship). Beyond that, I’m not sure any labels apply or even make sense. I have opinions about everything, am certain I’m right about almost nothing, and love hearing ideas and experiences from anyone.

Comments are very welcome; the only rule on the site is to maintain civility. I’ll add more rules if they become necessary, but for now it’s just “play nice and have fun”. I’m very interested in hearing the thoughts of others anywhere on the D/s spectrum, whether you’re just starting to experiment with the odd slap and tickle, or if you’re decades into a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. I suspect I’m more interested in others in LTR D/s, but anybody’s welcome that doesn’t have a problem keeping that the focus of this space.

My wife, beth2anybody, blogs from the submissive side at stillbeth.wordpress.com.