I Forgot How To Computer

I couldn’t find any backups to restore, so I guess Sunday and Monday’s posts get to get rewritten. Who knows, maybe they’ll be better the second time around. Tune in tomorrow for the closing installment of How To Tell A Good Sex Story. Fittingly enough for a final chapter, I’ll be talking about how to end a story and, more importantly, when not to.

Monday’s post… I’m not sure is worth rewriting. So maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, too. My apologies for the interruption. I did promise you a blog post every day in November, and this 3-day lull decisively breaks my streak. (I kind of count this post and yesterday’s as filler, hence 3 days rather than 2 or 1.) Tell you what: I’ll make it up to you. I’m still only guaranteeing that I’ll write daily through the end of November, but I’ll make sure to keep writing until November 33rd. 😉

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