How To Tell A Good Sex Story 2: Fantasy

This post is the second in an ongoing series of tips on erotic storytelling. Today’s topic is the element of fantasy in storytelling. This element has a light side and a dark side, and like most things in kink, to fully enjoy it you need to embrace both. In the light side, you can use fantasy to explore past the boundaries of otherwise hard limits; on the dark side there are some lines that cannot be crossed even in a story.

Yesterday I mentioned that Hansel and Gretel in our story are not related by blood or even by having grown up in the same home, and that they are old enough to consent to sexual relations. This is important because for Beth and I, incest and pedophilia are very hard limits. Very early on we established that Hansel and Gretel are cousins by marriage and old enough to be consenting adults. We didn’t even want them living in the same house, so even “stepsiblings” was out for us. This lets us set up a sort of “kissing cousins” or “sexy siblings” story where Hansel and Gretel are looked upon as “safe family members to be permitted to wander the forest alone together” but without the “ick factor” of actual incest or pedophilia.

To be clear, I’m not judging. If incest fantasy is inside your kink, then that’s your kink. I’m just saying it’s not ours. My point is to know your partner’s kinks and limits and avoid stories that prominently feature things that turn your partner off. I found out in an erotic retelling of Goldilocks that Beth was turned on by gangbang scenes, but was uncomfortable with “Mama Bear” being in on the action, so in addition to having “Baby Bear” be suffciently older, “Mama Bear” got swapped out for “Big Brother Bear” so Goldilocks’ gangbangers could be an all-male revue.

That said, the great thing is that some limits can be broken in fantasy. As I mentioned, Beth and I are monogamous in real life, but in fantasy she doesn’t mind gangbang scenes. She likes it when the Handsome Woodsman and the Big Bad Wolf spit-roast Little Red Riding Hood, or when the Third Little Piggy locks herself into a stockade knowing she will be used extensively by the Wolf and all his handsome brothers.

In the case of Hansel and Gretel, fantasy is also the chance to break away from reality: the cottage is made of magical gingerbread, which has various effects on the consumer. In previous stories we established that just eating the gingerbread makes the innocent couple helpless horny for each other, with Hansel growing rock hard and unable to keep his hands off of Gretel. Gretel in turn burns with lust at Hansel’s every caress, and is overwhelmed with the need to pleasure him and have him inside her.

Beth has expressed interest recently in a specific kind of rough, dominating sex, specifically involving forcing her to surrender to my control while I deliberately bottom out against her cervix during intercourse. (For the gentleman in the back with the puzzled look on his face: this hurts a lady in her lady parts.) I incorporated this in the story this morning by having Gretel feed Hansel a piece of marzipan, which had the effect of making his dick grow to massive proportions, while at the same time giving off a musk that made Gretel swoon with the need to be stretched to her fullest upon Hansel’s monstrous cock.

Another note about fantasy is that you can magically wish away the parts that you don’t like. The other day I mentioned that Beth is “a swallower” when it comes to fellatio; what I didn’t mention is that she doesn’t care for it. The taste, the texture, the smell… none of it is particularly appealing to her. She does it entirely to please me. Well, in fantasy land we can fix that. The gingerbread makes both of their sexes drip with nectar that smells like a pastry shop and tastes of delectable spices. Beth may only swallow to please me, but Gretel sucks Hansel’s cock because she wants to taste and swallow all his creamy goodness.

So that’s the fantasy element of erotic storytelling. Use it but don’t abuse it… well, actually, know when and how to abuse it just a little. 🙂

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