My Favorite Pervertible

My favorite pervertible is my wife, Beth.

No, seriously. I can take her out in public and nobody knows she’s a sex toy–and a well-used one at that. They comment on her cute leather choker without knowing that I put it her that morning, or that I took the dog collar she sleeps in off of her to do it, or that she knelt before me and asked permission to serve me before I swapped her collar. They adore her cute dimpled cheeks and sweet smile without realizing that those innocent-looking lips have given literally thousands of blowjobs and swallowed, by my rough estimation, well over five gallons of cum in the past 20 years.

(Not a bad record for a woman who has only ever been with one man.)

How does the old saying go? “A saint in the streets and a slut between the sheets”? But also on the couch or in the car or bent over the kitchen counter. Deepthroating me gives her the burps, and anal sex makes her fart. So now whenever she burps or breaks wind she giggles naughtily.

And then we go out in public and people just have no idea. They let her handle food!

Beth is, of course, my darling angel. She was sweet and innocent when we married, and now… well… she’s still sweet. She’ll often say out loud, “You have corrupted me!” with a sigh or sometimes a giggle, and then she’ll share a racy thought or a lewd observation and I’ll grin and say “Yes, yes I have.”

I am proud of my work.

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