A Caning Tip

Just a quick practical tip for a Sunday Brunch kind of post.

But first, a caveat: if you’ve not used a cane before, for the love of all that is good in your world, learn the basics before you use it. Canes are one of the most feared implements in the BDSM toybox, and they absolutely deserve their reputation. They are hard to control in every sense; you will end up hitting places you didn’t mean to, and you’ll hit them much harder than you meant to, if you don’t invest some time learning up front. This tip is not meant to be the first thing you try with a cane. There are lots of great resources out there on caning; go read them. Okay, end caveat.

So! The “standard” cane stroke impacts the target area directly with a short area a bit back from the very tip of the cane. Much like how a baseball bat does not hit the ball with the very tip but with a “sweet spot” a little bit in from the end, the weight of the cane past the striking zone helps increase the impact effect. There are two problems you must cope with when using the standard strike. The first is that is that it is hard to do close-in work like OTK spanking with a full-length cane. The second is that canes are very flexible and tend to wobble and gyrate in their paths and this must be overcome by the operator with skill and practice.

Now here’s the tip: you can get around both of these problems by actually using the flex and wobble of the cane to your advantage. Here’s the technique: With your sub in close, you can target her far butt cheek or thigh quite nicely by striking her near leg with the middle of the cane. The natural flex of the cane, normally the enemy of your control, now bends (literally) to your will and lays a perfect wraparound strike on the far leg.

Try it slow and as always I recommend practicing on your own thighs before unleashing it on your sub. You’ll quickly find that the stroke is quite different: you don’t use a radial sweep, pivoting the cane around at your wrist, but rather you sort of hold it parallel, pushing and pulling the cane side to side without letting it change in angle. To find your aim, lay the cane across both legs with the strike zone of the cane resting on your target area, and the center of the cane resting on the near leg. Now lever the cane handle down, lifting the tip up off the target area until it’s angled up about fifteen to thirty degrees. Now hold that angle steady. Swing the cane sideways out from the center point, and then swing it in quickly, keeping the steady angle, until the center hits the near leg. The momentum of the swing will carry the tip of the cane forward and the strike zone will snap into the target zone.

The more the angle, the faster the swing and the more of a whipcrack smack you’ll lay down. But for close-in work, I like a gentle angle and slower swings, where the gentle thud on the near leg is deceptively soft and the wraparound pop is smart enough to surprise but not enough to send Beth howling for the hills.

I can’t take credit for discovering this tip; I learned it from a caning video I watched this past year and it’s been one of the more fun ideas we took away from the lesson. Credit where due, I believe it was Danarama on the Kink University channel on kink.com. I may be mistaken, but if I am I highly recommend his videos anyway. 🙂

Happy caning!

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