On The Mend

Just a quick status update. I’m pretty much recuperated from what my doctor says was a viral sinus infection. I didn’t even know such a thing was possible; I thought viral incursions were systemic and not localized to a site. Beth has the same general symptoms (sweating, fatigue, chills but no fever) as I did, but in the lungs rather than the sinuses. She started getting sick about a week after I got home. Given the typical 14-day run of a virus, that means I should just about be done and Beth should be at the turnaround point and start getting better. Aside from being tired, our symptoms are mostly manageable with over-the-counter medicines.

I’m happy to report that my Rubber Dong Syndrome™ is entirely gone, as is the accompanying satyromania, which is good because poor Beth needs her rest more than ever. I still find her irresistible, but at least the sessions are short and sweet rather than multi-hour marathons.

On the writing front, this coming week should be interesting. I am completely out of blog post ideas, which is great. I know this is a romantic notion, but I sort of feel like ideas don’t come to me if they don’t trust me to do something with them. Now that I’ve put all my old ideas down into writing, the new ideas can see that ideas are getting onto the page, and that means they can trust me to have them now. That’s when they come peeping out into the light. I know it’s a silly thought, but I like to think that my ideas have ideas of their own… 🙂

I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’ll be here tomorrow with something interesting and new… though beyond that, I have no clue. I’m excited to find out!

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