Nursery Rhymes Make For Bad Foreplay

The only thing I have to say in defense of this nursery rhyme is that I really was wiggling Beth’s toes as I did it and it did not turn out to be good foreplay because she was laughing too hard to get in the mood. That’s not much of a defense, really. Actually it’s more sort of a prosecution, if I’m honest.  Anyway she had to put up with it so now you do, too. Here you go. 😉

This Little Piggy had nookie,

This Little Piggy sucked cock.

This Little Piggy took it up the butt,

This Little Piggy tugged off all the piggies on the block.

And this Littly Piggy went wee, wee, wee on her boyfriend’s face because they were into watersports and that’s not really our thing but hey we’re not judging.

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