Leadership Failure

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wanted Beth to take care of a task, and it didn’t get taken care of. Yesterday I talked about where I feel I went wrong in the delegation of the task; today I want to talk about why I’m obsessing about it so much.

But first of course I’m going to go off on a tangent. If this surprises you, hello newcomer! Welcome!

So the tangent is threefold. 1. The package is fine, turns out there is still time to send it and it’s on the dash of the car waiting for our next errand run. 2. Beth is fine, we talked it out and she didn’t collect any punishment worse than what she already put herself through. And 3. I’m fine, not beating myself up over this. I did feel pretty upset but Beth and I worked through it and now I’m just trying to capture the nuances here.

Mind you, I am still sincere in all of my questions. I’m not writing because I needed fodder for my blog. This kind of “ADD brain fart” mucks up our D/s every so often. Not as much as it used to; in fact it’s quite rare now. And having it happen yesterday was a perfect opportunity to think it through and dissect it. Not to mention a great chance to pick your brain.

“Leadership is the ability to get other people to complete a task on time and to a desired standard of quality.” This is what I explained to Beth. She was feeling pretty miserable about the whole thing, since I had given her the task and it hadn’t gotten done and (at the time we thought) it had cost us a fair bit of money.

After I gave her the task, however, I gave her some other duties to perform that were more urgent. At some point that day I moved the box out of my way, but where I moved it to was also out of Beth’s sight and mind. I noticed the box a couple days later, but on that day Beth was feeling sick, and I just thought to myself “I’ll remind her when she’s feeling well.” In other words, I made a series of decisions that all indicated that getting the box mailed was not my top priority and my expectation level of seeing it done was not high. I’d have loved it if Beth had taken care of it, but to my mind the fault here all lay with me. Another reason she didn’t get any punishment from me.

Thank you to everyone who wrote back yesterday with great ideas. We’ll try mixing things up a little in the days ahead and see if we find some other information management structures that are more supportive of our own weird and ADD-prone approach to this whole Dom/sub relationship thing.

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