What’s In It For Me II

I went outside and watched the eclipse today and now writing this post is hard. Oh, not because I’m blind; I made a pinhole projector and except for a few furtive glances we mostly watched the eclipse happen upside-down and reversed on a screen. No, the reason the eclipse wiped me out is because it was cool and dim and I sat around outside for an hour with no hat. I live in a high-UV index state, and my head and cheeks are burnt to a crisp.

I don’t know if you’ve ever sunburned your scalp, but it zaps you and drains your batteries hard. I will not have any trouble falling asleep tonight.

Before I toddle off to bed, however, I want to briefly revisit the theme of “what’s in it for me”, a topic I wrote about a while back. There’s a fantastic answer to the “what’s in it for me” question, and that is sexual service from Beth. I love it. I adore her for it. It’s a huge emotional load off to be able to say “Daddy needs a blowjob” and not have to cajole or supplicate for it, or to worry about whether my performance is up to standard.

There are times when sex is very one-sided. I want it a lot more often than Beth does, and part of her submission is being willing to, well, be willing. Some of our earliest play involved conditioning her to become wet on command. That is every bit as sexy as it sounds, and I love it… but still, there are times when I want to be pleasured and just have it be all about me.

I originally felt guilty about wanting this, but I’m very glad I told Beth how I felt. I was worried she’d feel offended or unappreciated or, pun unintended, ill-used. She surprised me by laughing and saying that knowing she was making me feel good was a huge turn-on for her. We agreed that if she got really turned on she could ask for return service or at least permission to touch herself afterwards, and down the road we went. And by “we” I mean “she” and by “down the road” I mean just “down”.

Your mileage may vary, but based on a sample size of 1, some subs actually want opportunities to be selfless, to get out of their heads and just focus on serving their Dom.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna give Beth an opportunity to help her Daddy get to sleep happily. 😉

6 thoughts on “What’s In It For Me II

    • It doesn’t take many times before you learn, does it! I got tricked by the dim into thinking it was fine out. It was very absolutely not fine, lol. At least today wasn’t a shave day. I’m not quite fully recovered this morning. With luck tomorrow when I’m sliding the razor over my scalp I won’t be screaming.

      And FTR, I love it when your Queen uses you too. That makes for some distractingly sexy blog posts, sir. 😀

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