The Other Kind of Quickie

“Come here,” I said after changing her collar this morning. She was still naked; this week it has pleased me to have her nude all night. I grabbed the silicone paddle we bought recently, and took her over my knee.

“Why are we here?” I asked, per our ritual.

“I forgot my medication,” she replied.

“That’s right. And you’re going to work harder to remember it next time, right?” Normally I draw her out in a longer, Socratic dialogue, but we needed to be quick.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay. I’m going to give you one swat on each cheek. They’re going to be whoppers, but you only get one.”

She whimpered and nodded her understanding.

That silicone paddle really delivers. The first swat had her grunt and then start to whimper, and the second swat boosted her all the way up into a scream and a writhing to squirm away from the lingering sting. I swear that paddle hurts more after the swat for several seconds. It’s like being branded. I know because I’ve tried it.

I gave her a hug, and she quieted down. She let out a couple of sobs and then softly said, “Thank you, Daddy.” She never likes being spanked but she always thanks me afterwards for keeping her on track.

While we were dressing I leaned over and kissed her forehead, and said “The reason I did this is so it would be dealt with and behind us.” She nodded happily. Not happy about the spanking, but now we weren’t waiting to Have The Discussion.

Beth told me a couple days ago that she’d forgotten. This is her number one rule and it wasn’t going to pass without repercussions. But there were also several extenuating circumstances and I wanted to talk about them. I didn’t want her moping about dreading a spanking, because that just doesn’t work for us, but I didn’t have time to deal with the punishment right then and our schedules were so hectic that we kept touching base over the following two days saying “yes we still need to talk about that, and there might be spanks.” Finally this morning I realized I was annoyed at needing to talk about it and not having the time to do so, so I just made the executive decision to forego any discussion, spank her, and be done with it. This is my right per our agreement.

Mostly what I wanted was Beth to trust that I was going to follow through and not worry that I would forget. If you forget enough it eventually feels like you don’t care enough to remember. I knew there was a good chance the swats wouldn’t really linger on her backside or her mind, and that was okay. Emotionally we’d had an unbalanced account for a few days; at this point I was just swatting her to close the books.

We rushed through getting dressed and headed down to the car.

“I need a better remembry,” Beth said as she slid into the car somewhat more gingerly than normal.

I burst into laughter. “I love you,” I said. “You are the best submissive ever. You easily could have decided to shrug that spanking off. I just wanted to get it off your mind. But you’ve chosen to make a reminder out of it.” I stroked her hair and she closed her eyes happily. “You’re amazing.”

And you know what? She really is.


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