Bedtime Stories

Last Friday we had one of the most intense sessions we’ve ever experienced. New things were tried. Limits were tested and then cast aside as we plunged ahead into dark, uncharted waters. Five days later I’m still processing some of the stuff we got up to. The short version is we tried some humiliation and degradation play and discovered we liked it wayyyyyyy more than we thought we would. Or could. Or should.

Nearly a week later, we’re still very interested in each other but I notice that we’re also a lot more tender with one another. We’ve been spending more time cuddling and snuggling. I don’t know about Beth but I’ve noticed that if I’m going to be “doing nothing” for a while (e.g. surfing the net or fiddling with my blog), I’ll go out of my way to find Beth and make sure I’m doing my nothing in the same room as her.

On Monday I asked Beth if she would like me to do anything for her in terms of regular, time-together activities. Not necessarily a new permanent ritual, but something for a week or two to help her with her mood and feelings. Her answer surprised me: “Would you read me bedtime stories?” I laughed and took a page from Princess’ book and said, “How about naked bedtime stories?”

So now at bedtime we snuggle down together under the covers, Beth tucked under my arm with her head on my chest. I prop up my iPad and read her a bedtime story. She snuggles right in and coos happily at the fun bits in the story and laughs at the voices and gets petulant when I make up things that aren’t in the book.

It’s been… just what we needed. There’s a soft, sweet innocence to it all that amazes me and makes me so happy to have her. It makes me realize that together we can create any experience we want. I can inflame her lust until she begs me to degrade and use her in the darkest ways imaginable, my own personal succubus. And then I can soothe and comfort her until a peaceful, angelic calm settles over her and she becomes my little cherub.

There’s a bit from Deadpool that I love; you know the one. It’s when Wade tells Vanessa that he’s figured out why they’re so good together.

Vanessa: “Why’s that?”

Wade: “Well, your crazy matches my crazy, big time. And, uh, we’re like two jigsaw pieces, you know, and we have curvy edges.”

Vanessa: “But you fit the pieces together and you see the picture on top.”

Yeah. Like that. Me with the freaky kink and her with the innocent cuddles. (Except on days when it’s her with the kink and me with the cuddles.)

We… fit.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories

    • Oh lord, we were all over the place. Your sexually humiliating list and Missy’s list in her humiliation post both inspired us. I wouldn’t say we worked your posts like checklists or anything, but reading them got both of us thinking about trying some humiliation and degradation play.

      There were a bunch of things we did that I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfortable talking about (but we will be doing them again!) but a few of them will probably get retold. 😉

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  1. I loved this. I think I am going to ask for a bedtime story too. I mentioned it the other night and he was surprised but didn’t say no so maybe I can raise it again. As for humiliation it is so individual isn’t it? What is hot humiliating for one is not for another etc. It works so well in a relationship where you know which buttons to press that I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it 😊

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