And Now, Butt Plugs

Well if you’re still reading since yesterday I suppose you’re old enough to hear this now. A friend of mine once explained to me that butt plugs come in three sizes:

  1. Too Big
  2. Way Too Big
  3. No. Fucking. Way.

If you’re of the opinion that the back door is exit only, I understand. I would love to instill some curiosity in you, but if it never moves onto your “someday maybe” list, it’s cool. But if you’re already curious about the anus and thinking about getting, ahem, into it, then please let me give you some advice:

Go lots of other places and get lots of advice.

Seriously, I can’t cover half of what you need to know. Everyone (including me right here right now) will tell you to start small, give it time to stretch, go slow, and use lots of lube.

The one thing I will add is relevant to my post yesterday: Doms, you probably oughta try it, at least before you hand it out as a punishment. The first time I tried to just “pop one in” I broke all of the rules above and discovered just how spectacularly agonizing an anal spasm can be. Punishing with a butt plug is meant to be a sexually charged, erotic, teasing experience. It’s meant to provide a presence back there in an intimate spot as she does her chores and goes about her day. It is not meant to make her feel like her guts are being ripped out.

As an added bonus, going exploring back there can open you up (pun intended) to the pleasures of the prostate. But my point is that, as you go exploring, you’ll quickly develop a feel for when you’re not quite as ready as you thought you were. Good times can go bad real fast. You’ll learn to back off, let things relax, and resume. And that, in turn, will leave you with a profound sense of empathy when your sub asks you to pause or wait during insertion.

Good luck and have fun!

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