Aaaaand Home.

We raced across the desert, away from Las Vegas and back to home, punished by the Mojave the whole way. The car thermometer told me the air temperature above the asphalt was 115°F (45°C). We reached the house and I didn’t turn off the car; I just ran in and went upstairs and turned on the air conditioning unit in our bedroom and then we left again to go to dinner. We’d left the windows open all weekend, so even though it was 96°F (36°C) outside, the temperature inside the house was 87°F (30.5°C) and the portable unit in our room would need a while to deal with that. Three hours later, as I write this, the Sun has set and the portable unit has finally got it down to bearable in here.

The conference was absolutely amazing, and it was definitely worth the time and energy to attend, but that is not the same thing as saying the time and energy costs were small. In fact for anything less than “absolutely amazing” I’d be hard pressed to say it was worth it. But it was that good and it was worth it, and at any rate we are home and in our own bed, and hopefully in a day or two we’ll be feeling all right again. We just have to get through tomorrow without A/C; the day after tomorrow The Repairman Cometh.

Sometime around then I should hopefully be back to writing more D/s-y posts. 😉 The heat noticeably affected our protocols and I want to write about that, but I need to think on it a bit more first.

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