Conference Day 4

Reeeeally starting to regret that commitment to daily blog updates right about now… by which I mean I’m really grateful for it and I hope to get better enough at it to be able to write good content even when I’m “so tired I can’t even right now.” πŸ™‚

As predicted, today started on about 4.5 hours of sleep. I could’ve had more but this time both of my heads were wide awake. And besides, Beth is always worth a little playtime in the morning. πŸ˜‰

We finished up the conference and headed back to the hotel early. On the way home we were pretty tired but we stopped by The Love Store and bought some more fun stuff. We already have a huge bag full of unused toys on this trip, but access to such a high-quality sex shop simply wasn’t to be passed up.

The staff at the Cheyenne store are really great. They know their stuff and when I started joking they joked right back. It made me feel much more comfortable in there. Another couple our age was in the store and the wife was blushing to her roots the whole time. Her body language was deeply embarrassed–she stood facing her husband just inches away, even if that meant hiding her face in his back. This is where the staff became amazing. I glanced over and saw they were purchasing toys for her, but there were so many options to choose from… so a staff member got very busy restocking products near them, facing away and completely absorbed in her work so the wife would not feel like she was being watched or judged. When she had a question, the staff member would approach and ask if she could help. The husband would then have the conversation with the saleswoman, who would thoroughly answer the woman’s question while pretending she was having the conversation just with the husband. Once the discussion was over the staff member would retreat to her very busy and engrossing job of, I noticed,Β doing nothing but moving things around the shelf… and keeping herself within earshot.

I don’t know if I really have anything profound to add. I was awestruck at how good they were at quickly and unobtrusively discovering each customer’s comfort level, and then working within those limits to make sure the needs of the customer were met–even if the customer’s limits were too strict to allow them to ask for what they needed. This was the smoothest application of D/s principles I’ve ever seen in real life. (Or maybe I’m just seeing D/s everywhere? You know what they say: if the only tool you have is a flogger, every problem looks like a naked behind.) Either way it was a fun bit of people watching for me.

Kudos, Love Store crew.

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