Conference Day 2

Remember how yesterday I said I was tired, like I had any inkling of what the concept of tired even was? Too little sleep followed by running around a conference all day, I’m plumb bushed. We were way too sleepy for happy wake-up time this morning, and we’ve arrived “home” (meaning back at the hotel) just in time to collapse into bed. I’m only writing this post out of sheer bloodymindedness about not missing a day.

We did stop at a really nice sex shop on the way home. We got some new lube to try and a new toy that needs said lube. I also picked up a “Womanizer” for Beth to see as good as we’ve heard. Just before checking out she found a silicone paddle to replace the good leather one that got lost. I never touch Beth with anything I haven’t tested on myself, so I gave myself a properly serious swat on the inside of my forearm. I broke my no swearing rule pretty hard and at considerable length. I just about dropped the thing. My arm’s been stinging ever since, and I still have a good mark. I may have burst capillaries under the skin; I won’t know for sure until the morning when I wake up with bruises or not.

In other words, it’s perfect. 😀

We’re gonna review the conference schedule for tomorrow and really pare back everything but the absolute essential sessions. We’re just too beat. I may rally and try to seduce the wife; wish me luck. 😉

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