Traveling Again

Gearing up for another trip out of town already. Not enthused, but then again as Beth mentioned today, we have no air conditioning so spending a few days in conference rooms sounds like a bit of a silver lining. It’ll be eight days before we get a new A/C unit, six of those I’m taking Beth with me on the road. You know what they say: If you can’t polish a turd, roll it in glitter.

I don’t think they actually say that.

Yesterday’s post on fantasies got me thinking about the fact that Beth and I don’t do much roleplay. I’m sorry, when I say “much”, I mean “any”. For some reason it’s just not our thing. We don’t dislike it, it’s just never really clicked for us. It always feels weird and we end up giggling and just having regular sex anyway.

Because we have a hard time getting outside our own heads, we spend most of our erotic time inside our own heads. That means storytime, psychological conditioning, and hypnosis all work well for us. I’ll have to blog about those sometime. For now, though… any roleplayers out there? Any advice?

7 thoughts on “Traveling Again

  1. We do a bit of role play. We find that sometimes playing a role can make it easier to get lost and push some of the boundaries but it has to be the right time and the right role or like you say it ends in laughter (or tears).

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    • I’ll keep working on this. I think it sounds like it has to involve the right headspace for both of us. Like you say, right now it always ends in laughter (or just plain sex, which, to be fair isn’t TOO terrible of a problem 😉 ). Thanks!

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  2. Alpha and I aren’t into role play simply because when we’re together sexually, it’s being with each other, His dominance of ME, my submission to HIM, that’s a big part of the turn-on. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, but for now… 🙂

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    • YES! I love how you’ve put this. It’s really all about being *present* for us. As Missy said in her comment, it’s all about mindset. I think we could maybe make roleplay work, but right now we have something works quite nicely.

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