(Highly Im)Proper Fantasy Stories

They say the largest sex organ is the brain, and for Beth, this is certainly true. Getting into her head, especially through lurid stories, is a particular pleasure of mine. Usually our stories are generically occupational: the horny boss and the slutty secretary, the professor and the college student willing to do anything for a grade, the scientist and the buxom assistant who’s been trying to get him to notice her.

…Gretel had thought it would be a funny prank to play on Hansel to lead him here and trick him into taking a bite of the witch’s gingerbread cottage, but now she knew the joke was on her. As soon as she’d fed him a bite of the candy, he’d pressed her against the wall of the cottage with a fierce kiss, and when she opened her mouth to protest, he’d fed her a piece of gingerbread of her own. She knew then that there was a spell on the cottage. Instantly a flush spread through her, making her body feel hot, her breasts swell and ache to be touched, and igniting a slow but insistent fire in her belly and began moving down. Hansel smelled of warm gingerbread, and she nuzzled his neck, breathing in his heady scent. She licked his neck, tasting his sweat, and electric tingling thrilled through her, and she knew she needed to taste more of him…

Lately we’ve been dabbling with actual fairy tales, which has been a lot of fun. Just like the Grimm Fairy Tales had elements that really weren’t suitable for children, retelling a fairy tale erotically forces you to confront taboo elements. It’s interesting to figure out which pieces you want to confront, which ones you need to work around, and which ones you just hang out there in plain sight for all to enjoy. In our version of Hansel and Gretel, I didn’t feel the need to pin down the exact relationship, because I was comfortable with just implying that they weren’t blood siblings. I let the size of Gretel’s breasts and Hansel’s cock settle the matter of their ages.

We had fun with Goldilocks, however. Beth and I have a hard limit about monogamy, but it turns out gangbang fantasies set her panties on fire. Bestiality isn’t our thing, so the Three Bears were simply large and hairy, but one bit of feedback during the story let me know that she wasn’t okay having Mama Bear be part of the gang. So the story gets changed just a bit to accommodate.

…Goldilocks shivered with anticipation as Papa Bear slowly raised her skirt from behind. The two younger Bear brothers each held an arm, bending her over and pressing her face against the wooden table. She was utterly helpless, and could not have struggled had she wanted to, but… she didn’t want to. She felt the hem slide further up the back of her thighs, and knew that in a moment all three Bears would see how she had prepared herself for them. “Ooooh, Papa,” she whispered as her naked bottom came into view and her shaved womanhood was revealed…


The magic of fantasy also lets us play with other elements. Magic spells provide invisible bondage gear and love potions cause erotic mind control. The thing that surprises me is how much, and how easily, fantasy stories lend themselves to D/s scenarios: the Princess who is secretly locked into a collar and cuffs under her regal dress, the young maid who intentionally tarries where the lord of the house will catch her, Little Red Riding Hood kneeling before the Handsome Woodsman in nothing but her cape.

We’ve been playing with erotic storytelling for years now, but writing this post has reminded me just how hard it is to write erotica. These stories get whispered in Beth’s ear as I tease her, prepare her body for my enjoyment, and push her over the edge into orgasm. A hot story for her is all about the setup; I find that a good story will take two or three sessions to finish telling. I confess I love the little gasp she makes the next morning when I slide my hand across her belly and whisper, “Now where were we…”

2 thoughts on “(Highly Im)Proper Fantasy Stories

  1. I love this idea MM and think that perhaps it is something that HL and I could incorporate into our play as well. Thanks for the idea and I will make sure to let you know how it goes if we venture into the enchanted forest.

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