Returning to Impact Play

Had a play session with Beth the other night, and I decided to try out some impact play after a very long time away from it. She’s not really into pain and I’m not really into sadism, and though we both are into control we’ve found lots of other ways to scratch that itch.

Our play was hardly a scene in the properly defined sense. After putting Beth in her night collar, I tugged her leash gently to get her to her feet and pulled her nightie and underwear off of her. Then I gently eased her onto the bed and had her lay naked on her belly. I had her get comfortable and then slipped a blindfold onto her.

My objectives were very simple: spend at least half an hour working on her backside, but doing it gently enough that she enjoyed the experience. I tend to rush our scenes so I wanted to follow the clock to make sure she got plenty of attention. Since Beth doesn’t get off on pain, this also meant the impact play would be very very light. I queued up some soothing music, and got to work.

We started with hand spanking, light and to the beat of the music, and at first it was mostly me rubbing her with the occasional swat in between. After a while I picked up speed but for the entire session any time we weren’t spanking I was rubbing and caressing her.

Some of our implements require a high degree of control to use effectively: canes, floggers, etc. I’m happy report that impact play is a bit like flogging a bicycle; once you learn you never really forget how to do it. But it’s not entirely the same; I did find the flogger giving me some attitude at first and not acting like an extension of my fingers the way I expected. I got it to behave, but I also made the decision to skip the cane entirely; that’s an implement I’ve learned demands respect from both ends and I didn’t want to risk popping Beth too hard or somewhere other than exactly where I wanted.

Because the scene was so light, I let the strikes with all implements play up and down her legs and back, most of it was barely under the threshold of stinging and more along the lines of brisk massage. When I did work on raising the intensity, I focused entirely on her buttocks instead of spreading the implement around, again because the pain level would never build up significantly. The one time I saw her clench her bottom after a strike I backed way off and resumed touching and caressing.

After a while she reached a steady plateau and I held her there for ten minutes or so, just enjoying watching her and working on her. Eventually I reached the limit of my patience and wound down, returning to caressing her before easing her over onto her back so I could take her.

Afterwards we had a long, lazy chat about what she liked; happily there wasn’t too much to report about what she didn’t. We’ll definitely be moving impact play back into the rotation. 😀

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