Know What You Want

There was a great chat on primal play on The SafeworD/s Club on Wednesday; if you missed it you should come to the next one. If you haven’t hit up the club yet, it’s run by Missy and HisLordship, both of whom are also worth following around just to hear the interesting things they have to say.

I  missed the chat because I it concluded just as I was getting home from the series of unfortunate events that was my trip to Ohio. I got really sick but I’m still happy I went… you know the saying; “if that was the worst”, right? Well, I got really sick while I was there, but if that was the worst thing that happened… then… well, I guess then I would still have a functioning laptop and my cell phone wouldn’t be busted and the hotel laundry would not have lost my clothes and seriously this trip sucked donkey balls.

I do not mean “sucked donkey balls” in the “not that there’s anything wrong with your kink” kind of way. I mean it the other way. Like, imagine that you don’t like sucking donkey balls. I know, I know, but just try to picture it, if only for a minute. Okay, now imagine that sucking donkey balls—and I remind you again that in this scenario you (hypothetically) do not like sucking donkey balls—imagine that sucking donkey balls was all you got to do. For, like, two days straight. Takin’ donkey balls to the face. Nonstop. To the face. Donkey balls. What I’m saying is I mean it sucked donkey balls, but in a bad way.

I had something I wanted to say about that but I think I may have lost some of you at the donkey balls part. It’s okay, I’m not judging.

Oh! I remember, it was this: reading the primal play chat, I realized that a lot of primal play is about just knowing what you want and taking it. And by the end of this trip what I wanted was simple. I wanted my woman under me, I wanted my home around me, and I wanted all my broken shit fixed. I wanted them in pretty much that order, but I got them in exactly reverse of that order: got cell phone ordered and laptop replaced on the way home, and then, once we were home…

Well, let’s just say that Beth had nothing on under her skirt and I never really was into donkey balls that much anyway.

12 thoughts on “Know What You Want

    • I think she’s safe for now, but we do tend to push our limits on a regular basis. Who knows how long it will be before we’re prowling the tack and feed shows looking for somebody to pimp out their, for lack of a better word, ass. XD

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      • Well, or hooray Beth; it all depends! Hee… I should blog about this, I guess. I am of course kidding about the donkey balls per se, since animals and other people are both fixed hard limits for us. But there was a time when, say, anal play was a limit for both of us. Now it’s something exciting for us that’s totally inside our box. I can pull out of her pussy and place the tip of Mister Biggums* at her entrance, and in the time it takes her to let out a soft moan she’s relaxed her rosebud and welcomed me into her. Anyway my point is we’ve learned to look at things around us that are outside our box now with interested detachment because we realize that just about anything could move from a limit to a favorite in a very short time. 🙂

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      • There’s a ranch a mile or two away that raises black angus cattle. I drive past it about once a week. Since I’ve started reading your blog, I tend to smile more as I go by. 😀


    • Ugh, yeah. If you travel enough, you’re going to brick a laptop on the road. Or break your phone on the road. Or get violently ill on the road. Shit happens, and if you spend enough time on the road, sooner or later, shit will happen on the road.

      There was one nice thing about it, though: My core temperature dropped and I started shivering violently and couldn’t get warm, but I had a hotel-sized water heater connected to my shower. I spent about 2 hours in there with the hot water running full blast.

      Trips like this one sure make me feel grateful to be home, that’s for sure!

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  1. Firstly thank you for the shout out to the club and to HL and myself – we really appreciate the support from you and from Beth. And secondly thank you for the laughs reading this post brought. Your turn of phrase is hilarious and your descriptions are brilliant so it was a very welcome read. I agree with the point you are making about shifting limits and HL and I have found a similar thing. Never say never ……. though donkey balls might have to be an exception. Thank you 😊


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