When I started this blog, I had no idea how long I would keep it up for (I could quit tomorrow, who knows) but I did decide I would do my best to update every single day. I’m mostly on the mend from whatever I got in Ohio but plan on seeing shorter posts for the next little bit, sorry.

While I was in Ohio I found out I will be heading out on another last-minute business trip the weekend after next. This would make a fifth week of travel in two months, which is about how much I traveled all last year combined. I agreed, but on the condition that Beth comes with me. So the downside is I get a weekend home and then I’m right back out the door, but on the upside I’ll never be more than a few minutes away from the lascivious delights of my favorite concubine and trained pleasure companion. 😉

Sometimes the best question isn’t “how do I get out of this” but rather “how can I enjoy myself while I do what needs doing?”

2 thoughts on “Boomerang

    • Me too. I’ve only ever had to tell one employer “hey, I took this job to support my family, *not the other way around*”… but then again I sort of sniff around for that vibe when I’m interviewing with a company. My current gig is at a shop that places high value on their culture, and they’ve actually gone to great lengths to make Beth feel welcome and included.

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