Daddy Down

[Edit: I’m feeling better today, but managed to trash this post instead of the one I wanted to destroy. No more blogging on cold medicine! 🙂 Happily I wrote it in a separate editor so I had a backup, but I’ve lost all of the comments and likes. To those of you who commented, especially Missy, CollaredMichael, Tora Princess and Emily, than you for your well-wishes and my sincere apologies.]

I came down with something fast-acting on the first day at the head-office today. I am nauseated, unable to maintain body warmth, and—not to put too fine a point on it—spraying used food out both ends.

You heard me. Spraying.

Beth answered my Skype call and I pointed the camera at my cup of alka seltzer. “Baby I’m very tired and not really coherent so I need you to remind me to keep sipping on that until it’s gone.”


I love having Beth dote on me, and I have an embarrassing MisterMan Dom secret: I am a complete whiny baby when I am sick.

Buuuut, since Beth isn’t here to dote on me or tuck me in and bring me soup and give me a blowjob to help me sleep… I guess I had to man up, at least a little bit. I decided to give her an out:

“I don’t need you to be Big, okay? I just need you to be bossy.”

“Oooh! Can I be bossy like Em?”

“I suppose you could take some tips from her if you wanted…”

Beth paused, and giggled. “No… I don’t think I can be bossy like Em. Only Em can be bossy like Em.”

She’s not wrong. 😉

Somewhere along the call I must have hung up because I just woke up. It’s 3am, I feel like death warmed over, but I can’t sleep so here, have a blog post. 🙂

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