Remote D/s

“Okay, Pet, head upstairs and get into position and we’ll change your collar for the night.”

The video blurs and jitters around Beth as I watch her carry her iPad to the bedroom. The picture stabilizes when she sets it on the bed where I normally sit, facing the spot where she kneels to receive her day or night collar twice a day.

“Good girl. Now reach up and unhook my collar and take it off. Rehook it and hang it on the stand.”

She’s not allowed to remove or change my collar without my express consent. So I’ve called her on Skype tonight to change her out of her day collar.

“Now let’s see… tonight I want you in purple. Take down the purple collar, unbuckle it, and fasten it around your neck.”

She complies.

“Good girl. Now grab the short purple leash and clip it to your collar.”

Again, compliance. As expected. This is a ritual we love doing together, so being able to do it while we’re apart is comforting to both of is.

“Good girl. You are mine, Pet. All mine.”

“All yours,” she replies, and then grins and gives the camera a big blurry kiss, making a loud “MWAH!” sound.

I grin back, and kiss my fingers and put the to the camera. “I love you, Pet. Sleep well. I’ll talk to you in the morning and we’ll change your collar back to your daywear. I should be ready at about 6am your time, so get some sleep.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good night, Pet.”

“Good night, Daddy.”


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