Traveling Man

I’m traveling to Ohio today for a two-day training class on software security. Fun! (No seriously, I’m actually I’m looking forward to it. I like to get my geek on about this sort of thing.)

What I’m not looking forward to is three days away from Beth. We’ll both be fine, but I’m a creature of comfort and she is definitely my favorite bit of comfort. 😉 I’ll update my blog from the road; maybe I’ll write some about how we like to work and play when we’re far apart. Who’s up for some cybernookie? 😉

3 thoughts on “Traveling Man

  1. Is it weird if I say ME ME ME? lmao
    I asked Daddy why we don’t skype when he’s away (it is rare) and he said he didn’t want me to see who’s in the room. 🙄 funny man

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