When Sir Is Right And STILL Gets It Wrong (Part 1)

A few days ago I told Beth we were going to do daily motivational spankings until she got caught up doing the finances. Small ones, and not intense, but daily. As she got caught up they’d get gentler. If she fell behind, they’d get worse. I calculated she would need between 5 and 15 days to get caught up, hence regular small motivations instead of one big stern “get it done now” spanking. She nodded glumly and disrobed.

This kind of spanking is all about getting the sub into the right headspace: to convince her to stop avoiding an unpleasant task but also convince her she is capable of completing it. You have to push her hard enough that she’d rather face the task than take another spanking, but you also have to keep her from getting sucked into the pit of despair where she decides the punishment is unavoidable so she might as well get it over with. You have to convince her that she has the power to get out of the situation.

I always have Beth naked for a spanking. She lay across my lap and I held her, and stroked her bottom. Before every spanking, I lecture to explain why we’re here and what she can expect. When I told her that today she would only get a few swats, I felt a tremor in her belly. I realized she was trying—unsuccessfully—to hold back a sob.

I was not off to a good start.

She was circling down towards despair. I needed to encourage, to get her back up in the midrange, above despondency but below apathy. I told her how swats would get taken away if she made progress. She lay quiet. I told her how pleased I would be when she got the finances done. This had the opposite effect I intended; the single tremor became a steady shudder of silent weeping. I felt trapped by my own rule: once she’s on my lap there’s no talking her way back off. There was no way out but forward. I picked up the hairbrush.

“One swat for being behind,” I said, meaning one swat on each cheek, and popped her right on the tender sit spot below each buttock. Beth screamed, surprising me with the intensity of her contrition. “And now one for each month you’re behind.” I counted off the five months as I swatted them onto her bum. Her cries intensified. This woman once consented to letting me cane her until she bled. Now she was writhing like I was whipping her with a sack full of bees.

“All done,” I soothed, but she kept crying. She had gone straight down the dark hole of despair and clearly was still falling. I let her up off my lap, moved up onto the bed and pulled her down into my arms to begin our aftercare ritual of snuggling and praising. She continued sobbing. I stroked her and told her she was my good girl and everything was okay, after a few minutes, she calmed down.

She made a loud wet sniffling sound. Then she was silent for a long moment. Finally, she said “I’m getting snot on your shirt.”

I really should consider making this a romance blog.

I gave her a tissue, let her blow her nose (and mop me up as best she could), and then I pulled her back down and just held her for a long time. I knew exactly when and how it had all gone wrong. But I had no idea why.

I stared at the ceiling for a long time, but the answer didn’t come. I had told her the plan I had decided on and I didn’t have a good reason to change it yet; without some new great inspiration I would continue the daily spankings and just hope she would acclimatize. And pray that she’d catch up the finances really quickly.

I decided I would wait until she was feeling calmer and then talk it out.

10 thoughts on “When Sir Is Right And STILL Gets It Wrong (Part 1)

  1. I think that it is good that you stuck your ground but it must really hard to do – for both of you. It is so interesting to have an insight into the ‘other side’ and I look forward to part two to see how it all worked out.

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    • We both hate spankings. We dipped our foot in all over the place; the “caning until bloody” I mentioned was an experiment in sadism (result: I’m not) and masochism (result: she isn’t). Punishments are pretty intense emotionally for us. It’s gotten easier for both of us to stick to our guns over the years; I confess there was a period I would retroactively change the rules so I wouldn’t have to spank. She appreciated it but at after a couple of months we both agreed that her behavior modification goals were not being met. Thanks for commenting!

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    • Well spotted… In general, yes, and for a punishment, certainly; for a motivational spanking what I was hoping for was “Ouch ouch, oooh, ah-hah-oww…. phew… okay”… I’ll try to clarify that in the next part along with what I know about Beth specifically that told me she was in a bad place. Thanks!

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  2. Aww poor Beth. It is important to stick to your word and be consistent and Beth is so submissive and didn’t even use the puppy dog eyes! (will have to teach her better)
    Sometimes you get it wrong and that’s okay, you thought you were doing the right thing at the time with the given information and that’s all you can do at the point in time.

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    • Hehe, Beth uses puppy dog eyes very effectively but part of our dynamic is she only uses them when we’re not being Very Serious™. I feel like all I’ve been writing in my blog is All The Spankings All The Time but I should probably blog the how and why of our spankings. I.e. we only spank for very serious infractions and we always spank for remorse and to effect lasting behavioral change.

      So totally agreed about “Sometimes you get it wrong and that’s okay”! I didn’t realize it until I had written Part 2 but that turned out to be exactly my point here. If you both trust each other to do your level best, then you can get it all wrong and still have your partner trust you.

      Great comment, Em. Thank you! Er, I mean sticker! 😀

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